Hamilton United Methodist Church

Eighteen Nations, Many Cultures, One Community of Faith

Our Story



A frontier mission church: A stop on the circuit 

The original Hamilton church was built on the existing land shortly after the Civil War. This building, overlooking Murfreesboro Pike, sheltered the Hamilton family through wars and depression and served as a place to celebrate births, marriages, and returning soldiers. 

For the next 116 years Hamilton would serve as a circuit church, providing a space for worship as the pastor would travel from town to town.  


The little white church on the hill would serve an important role in the Civil War. Hamilton became a makeshift hospital for Union soldiers in the midst of battle. Stories have been told of the altar table being used to preform amputations. 

The church was burned down to prevent the spread of disease.

100 years of growth and worship

After rebuilding post Civil War, Hamilton grew their church slowly. A parsonage was added in 1950 allowing for the church to transition from a circuit church to a permanent church. An indoor toilet was the talk of the town in the 1960s. 

Hamilton was now ready to serve as a community church to the incoming city folk, as the area transitioned from frontier to fast growing.  (Pictured right: Antioch 1940s)


The Hamilton sanctuary we worship in today was built in 1977, as the church membership exploded. As time went on we added the children's wing, which currently houses our Parent's Day Out program, and the office wing, which houses our youth rooms. 



Hamilton UMC has long had an impact on this corner of Davidson County. Hundreds of families experience our Drive-Thru Nativity every year - a tradition that started in the 1980s.  Other long-time ministries include the busiest Second Harvest Food Bank site in Middle Tennessee (based on the number of people served and the number of hours we are open) and The Room in the Inn. 

   Today‚Äôs Hamilton UMC reflects the kingdom of God in all it diversity. Our members and regular attendees come from eighteen    nations around the world. Services  in English and Arabic as well as special events in Spanish celebrate Christ and help us carry out His work in this part of the world.

The Hamilton United Methodist Church congregation consists of
eighteen nations, many cultures, and one community of faith.